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First thing first, we do not like things complicated, so here are few simple things you Can and you Cannot do.  

Below are details about VecFashion's Licensed Vectors. We offer two kinds of Licenses, a Standard License and an Extended License. Standard License applies to all Downloads On Site, and in order to obtain an Extended License for any item, please contact us at 

Standard License

  1. You may use these templates/vectors to create one or more designs for yourself or for your clients, as long as the finished templates/vectors will not be offered for sale.
  2. You may use these templates/vectors on multiple computers.
  3. You may modify the templates/vectors, or incorporate it into other content and make a derivative work from it that can be used for your Design Displays, Projects or Presentations. 
  4. If you are purchasing a fabric texture or Seamless/Repeat pattern, you may send it to your supplier for printing, knitting or weaving purposes. 
  5. You may not use any Item if that use could result in a VecFashion’s claim that it acquired rights in the Item that are contrary to this license.

Extended License

If you want to purchase an Extended License, please contact us at mentioning which item/s and purpose of use.