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VecFashion has worked with lots of fantastic brands across a broad cross section of the Design & Creative Services for the Casual, Trendy and Sportswear Industry. We appreciate that everyone works differently and we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly grasp internal workflows and tailor each project to suit specific needs.


Hopefully this site gives a small impression of what we do. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a mail at:

When do you need the Custom Work Services? Generally, there are 2 situations

  1. You have a rough sketch on paper, but you cannot draw it on computer.
  2. You have an image from web, and you want this to convert into a vector, with your ideas on it.

Are you are facing any of the above situation? Send us your requirements by filling out the Contact Form below.



List of Services, we are currently offering.

  • Our Most Selling: Custom Vectors / Templates
  • Single Apparel and Collection Designs
  • Fashion Accessories, Bags and Jewelry Designs.
  • Hi-Vis and Technical Work-wear Designs
  • Collection Line Sheets and Presentations
  • Guest Lecture at your Design Institute/Webinar: Speaking about Importance of Digitizing Fashion.
  • Workshop at your Design Institute: A 2 Days Workshop, to deliver in-depth knowledge and Live Training on How to Create Best CAD Sketches. 

Why Work with VecFashion?
We have multiple reasons why we recommend our services. Top of the line is the fastest delivery without compromising on quality. We have a large number of clients who constantly get in touch, whenever they need something we can work on.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!


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