Why should we learn how to draw fashion figure template?

fashion figure template

If you are a person who is fascinated by the fashion industry and you want to showcase your talent to the World. Then you will have to follow some foundation steps to get things right, and by following the right path you will be able to achieve your goals earlier. 

Every year there are hundreds of new emerging designers but very few make their position in the market and become noticed. You will find many sources through which you can get your idea turned into an end-product, but explaining the idea to them correctly is the key to success. For this, you will need good hands-on skills to draw fashion figure template nicely, with the combination of rendering the materials and accessories. 

There are many ways, to draw fashion figure template, by hand sketching or using a computer program. Both practices work well and it also depends on the type of result you want. For example, if your design is for a luxury high-end couture market/customer, and it has many flares and panels in the design, then you might wanna use your freehand sketching, and rendering it with watercolors might give you better results than doing it on the computer. 

But if your products are like Polo Shirts, Bomber Jacket, skirts with bodysuits, or Tracksuit, then you should prefer drawing your fashion figure template using a computer designing tool such as Adobe Illustrator. 

How would I know for which product I should use a computer program and or hand sketching?

For products like flared dresses and couture items, it is very unlikely that you will need to create a garment tech pack or produce in multiple colorways, as such items are custom made and produced mostly one for each customer so it doesn’t require many variations. 

Whereas, when it comes to ready-to-wear products, as we recommended above. If you are working on products like Polo Shirts, Tracksuits, or Hoodies, most likely you or your customers will be needing it in 2-3 colorways and then some revisions will also be needed. So if you have your fashion figure template illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and you have drawn basic shapes of the garments you need, then it will be much easier to change colors and add logos. 

It will also help you if you further like to create the tech pack and their factories, which produce in bulk quantities and only accept designs to be submitted illustrated in a computer program, with all design and construction details, often called Design Callouts. 

We here at VecFashion are experts in these areas and have more than 22 years of experience. When you get to design your ideas, you should consider our advice in reaching your goals earlier and with better results. If you have any suggestions or ideas to add up, write them in the comments section below and we will reply to them as soon as possible.