What is an Aglet?

What is an Aglet?

Sometimes it becomes an awkward moment, when asked about a thing we use in everyday life, but we are unaware. This is one of those, but once we know, it brings a little cherish feeling. 

So, what is an Aglet?

Aglet is the end part of a Shoelace, there is a small tip made of plastic or metal. It prevents the end part from damage and fraying. This is called an Aglet! These shoelaces are also used as Drawcord or Drawstring. These are used as Shoelaces, Bottoms Waistbands and also sometime in Jacket’s Waist belt and Sleeve Cuff as fastening to adjust fitting. These are commonly found in Sportswear, Field Jackets, Rain Coats and HI VIS Workwear Gear.

Apparently, it is a very small and minor looking thing, we use it almost everyday but most of the times it goes unnoticed. Being factual, without having this little thing at the end, the shoelace will unravel and it will be almost impossible to pass it through the holes. Aglet was invented in 1790 by Harvey Kennedy, it was first made differently. It was initially made by dipping the edge into a wax and tied off the end part. Later on, it started to be made in Plastic and Metal as well.

Recent Uses:

Nowadays, we keep seeing this little thing Aglet in many forms. These have now become very useful, especially since the shoelaces have become very decorative element in Shoe Designing and Footwear Industry. The metal aglets comes in several colors, like gold, bronze, silver etc. These metal aglets do really well with multi-colored shoelaces, using on Sportswear, Running Shoes, Sneakers, Gift Wraps, Gift Boxes, also have seen on some Fashion Bracelets or Wristbands.