Garment Tech Packs Template

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The Garment Tech Packs – Need of the Hour

With changing fashion trend, it is essential to keep up the standards to offer industry and people associated with it, fruitful solutions for creating innovative designs. At VecFashion, we cater to all such concerns and provide a platform for designers and manufacturers to work in coordination. The garment tech packs offered to our prestigious customers, thus ensure smooth functioning of daily operations of your fashion house irrespective of where you’re based.


Why A Garment Tech Packs Essential Part of the Fashion Industry?

Also known as a spec sheet, a garment tech packs enables designers and manufacturers across different parts of the globe to facilitate the designing process smoothly and efficiently. Using a tech pack one can easily have an access of the sizing of the garment, care label instructions, fabric specifications, and packing instructions to name just a few of the things. At, we understand every challenge a designer faces while creating clothing or apparel and therefore, bring them the ease to fasten the production work via tech garment packs.

Our Skilled Professionals Work Hard to Design Tech Packs

Come to us and speak to our customer care executives to find out how we achieve the art of framing garment tech packs as per your requirements. Stay sorted with the daily hassle of executing the designing of garments with easy solutions in the form of tech packs.