10 Reasons: Why You Should Buy Vectors from us?

10 Reasons: Why You Should Buy Vectors from us?

We have been working in market since a while, not too long though. During this time, there were many positive changes on the website and its working. The users of this website who are visiting from early times, must have noticed on-site progress and also, the way we create our Vector Fashion Flats.

I would really like to Thank You all for helping and making this website a useful design resource. Our Honest Intentions are always in favour of our Customers and also for Knowledge Seekers. Everyone plays an important role, that is why we keep moving on. This Journal will bring under limelight, the reasons Why You Should Buy Vector Fashion Flats from VecFashion.com!

I create things, that Inspires me!

 army flat cap vector template

1. Motivation & Passionate!

First thing first and most important to me is to tell how Motivation & Your Passion can bring you success! Combine both Values together, I guarantee this make you create something purely Unique and Original. VecFashion.com is an example of this. Whatever you find on VecFashion.com is result of same values, Motivation & Passion. Moving further, I can see VecFashion.com will soon become a Must-visit place on the web and A Very Useful Fashion Design Resource Portal!

2. Un-matched Quality!

Each of our Vector Fashion Flat is created with high precision and concentration. Below is a list of elements that I keep in mind while creating any vector graphic. This add more value to my products by default.

  • There are no Stray Points left in the flat sketches or on the Art board.
  • Every element which is not required is removed from the file before finishing.
  • There are no broken or open Paths. Everything fall on another path or is a Closed Path.
  • Every design element is a Group and then there is a big group of a complete shape. For example, if it is a Jacket with Patch Pockets with Flap. The Flap will be a Group having its Shape, Stitching Details and Buttons. A complete Patch Pocket is another Group and then there is a big Group for Full Front View. Same methodology applies for all views and all vectors on site.
  • All Flat Sketches are True Vector Files. That means there are no Raster Effects and No External Links are used.

3. Original Vectors!

The Best part is that, we are all about being Original! There is no Vector Fashion Flat on VecFashion.com copied from another website or traced by another Author’s work. I respect everyone’s efforts and also my own Skills and Abilities. Otherwise, there would be hundreds of vectors available on my website. I believe on, it may be slow but a Consistent Growth!

I am following my Own Path, in my Own Way!

You will find my Vector Flat Sketches on many of World’s Top Websites including ShutterstockCreative Market and more, all will have VecFashion as its Owner / Author.

women sportswear fashion flats

4. Meeting Industry Standards!

Due to best quality, our products are being used by Industry’s Top Professionals such as, Clothing Brands, Fashion Designers and Creative Design Agencies. A recent study shows that many of our vector fashion flats are also being used by Junior Fashion Designers and Fresh Graduates of Design Institutes who are not much CAD literate. All these Professionals and Knowledge Seekers need four things in common, listed below. I give them all!

  • Clean Vectors & Easy-to-Edit,
  • Details Oriented & Immediate Download!

5. Highly Responsive!

If there is a reason you need to Contact me before or after your Purchase. Do not worry, you will receive a Supporting Reply within a few hours or even early. Many customers contact us for Custom Templates and for our Fashion Design Services. This is why we say at VecFashion.com,

Shopping Never Stops!

men vector templates

6. Secure Online Payments!

While serving Industry’s Requirements in the field of Art & Design, having a Secure Payments is very vital. We ensure you, we do not keep any personal information and we use World’s Most Trusted Payment Gateways. Trust me, I do not like any troubles too. We use PayPal and 2Checkout for Credit/Debit Card Payments, and undoubtedly these are most renowned and Secure Payment Gateways.

7. Long Term Relationships!

VecFashion.com is more like a hobby to me. I mostly create things that inspires me. When a customer comes to my site, and make a purchase. In most cases, they keep coming back to look for new vectors whenever they need it. In some cases, they contact to create Custom Flat Sketches, if i do not have them online. This bring me even more closer to my customer and i am able to know more about them.

8. Vectors On-demand!

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact me instantly. If that vector is in demand, i will create it as my regular template and you can buy it on regular price. In other case, i will create custom blank fashion design templates for you starting from as low as $25

9. Value for Time!

You have heard many times in life, Time is Money. I personally do not disagree with this but i will agree more to…

Time if Life!
Every Passing moment, you will never get it back!

Make the best use of your Time. I guarantee you, if you use my Vector Fashion Flats, it will save you a lot of time, which is Part of Your Life!

snap back vector templates

10. Best in Flat Sketches Market

Combine everything from above, it surely makes us one of the Best in Market. What else would you be looking for? From Quality to Safety or from Original to True Vectors. Most of my customers becomes immune to VecFashion’s methodology of Creating Quality Vectors.

Put Your Confidence and Start Shopping. Your every Penny will Worth it!


Thank you for Reading!