Gift card

BOGO stands for Buy One Get One Free! and this is an electronic gift card. We came up with a strategy for doing things awesome, for you and for your loved ones.

1. Add to Cart: If you are buying it for yourself, then both cards will come to you in email with unique codes. Apply these codes during next checkout. 
Example: You buy $10 card, you will get an additional free card of $10. 

2. Send as a Gift: If you are buying it for someone else, then one code will come to you in email and the BOGO Card will go to the recipient.
Example: You buy $10 card, your friend will get a free card of $10, and $10 will go in your account. 

*Once you receive the codes in email, Select items from our store, add to cart and apply these codes during checkout. 
*no expiration date. 

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