Cash Rewards

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So what is Cash Rewards Program?

After doing a lot of research and discussing with industry experts, we learned about Cash Rewards and Gift Cards. In e-Commerce business these customer loyalty programs are simply doing a magic for both ends, the store owners as well as customers. So we decided to launch this with best practices on our online store as well. 

With progress of time we will keep bringing new stuff that will not only benefit us but also our potential and loyal customers, just like you!


FAQ Section below;

Q1: How to Redeem your Store Credit?

A: Immediately after your first purchase, you will get a code in your email, copy that code and apply in your next purchase while checkout. Below visual will help you get more insight on this.

Q2: How to check Your Store Balance?

A: There are two simple ways to check your store balance, see images below. 

 how to check your account balance

We will keep on updating this Cash Rewards page and feel free to contact us by email if you find any difficulty. 


Prefer buying a Gift Card instead?

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