Men Basic Essentials Fashion Set, Inspired by Ralph Lauren Iconic Poloneck T-shirts

A cool summer set for casual and sporty clothing, this Fashion Set is inspired by the all time favorite Ralph Lauren Iconic Poloneck T-shirts, also called as Classic Polonecks. This fashion set is packed with cool templates in multiple colors especially the poloneck t-shirts, they are in seven most wanted colors at Ralph Lauren stores. 

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Women StreetWear ‘Embrace the Dirt’ Vector Fashion Set

This Vector Fashion Set ‘Embrace the Dirt’ is based on forward thinking concept where vintage looks is at its peak, like it is in these days. Vintage Effects have already taken over the fashion trends especially now the latest Discharge Washing and Denim Effect Washes and Water Prints. This Fashion Set is combined with some essential product templates that will be useful for your design and research products, also if you want you can easily edit these well crafted templates to suit your need and style.  

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Men Rain Coat or Mackintosh Coat Vector Template

A clear, detailed and original drawing of Rain Coat / Mackintosh Coat with front and back view. This is a Front Open garment with big plastic button for enclosure and this coat is to worn as a top layer during rain. Read more below to know What is a Rain Coat or Mackintosh Coat?

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Success Can Overrule Skills! Striped Background Graphic

This is not that belongs to me, this is something that owns by someone else or just accidentally happened. I was travelling last week in Middle-East and was up for Desert Safari Tour. On our way, i met a good fella named TJ, he was from Holland. We discussed a few good things about each other and while we were talking, he suddenly prompt me and said ‘Success can Overrule Skills’ and it took all of my attention and put me ….realizing the fact that, yes its true. So once the success start coming in, you gotta stay focused. 

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Women Parka Jacket Vector Template

A detailed drawing for Women Parka Jacket in my favourite colour Military Green with Fur Vector Pattern Graphic created for this jacket earlier today. 

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Women Black Stroked Henley Neck Shirt Vector Template

A simple to use for everyday wear Women Black Stroked Henley Neck Shirt Vector Template, this is a sublimation print technique that allow the fabric to print from outside whereas from inside, base fabric colour remains unchanged, only possible to print darker colours on white or lighter tone backgrounds.

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