• Women Sportswear Clothing Set

    $12.00 – $120.00

    A few handpicked items from our Best Selling products used for Sportswear and related design projects. This fashion set have Flat Templates which are commonly used for Running, Training, Active and Fitness…

  • Men Hunting Clothing Fashion Set

    $15.00 – $150.00

    A handpicked item from our Best Selling products that highly used for collections like Hunting, Safari or forest related. This set of vector fashion templates are one of our best…

  • 25 Scottish Plaids

    $25.00 – $750.00

    This fashion set is inspired by all time favorites Scottish Plaid Patterns. The main idea behind this, is to have a library of Scottish Plaids to use, on the go. This…

  • Women Vintage Tees Collection

    $12.00 – $120.00

    A vintage look fashion set inspired from a Fashion Designer’s Sketchbook. This small collection of tees is based on Nautical Theme and have six Women Tees presenting on Modern Fashion Trends….

  • Women Sailing Fashion Set

    $12.00 – $120.00

    This Vector Fashion Set ‘The Sailor’s Lady’ inspired from Nautical Theme. A set that is consist of items that are essential while Sailing the Ocean. This Fashion Set is a Mini…

  • Set of 5 Scottish Plaids

    $5.00 – $50.00

    This is a A Set of 5 Scottish Plaids Repeat Patterns, created in Adobe Illustrator CS6. These Plaid Patterns are inspired by the Rich Scottish Culture and their Colorful Tartan…


“Working with the VecFashion team has been an eye opening and refreshing experience! VecFashion team is 100% Professional and Deadline Oriented, they never miss a deadline! Their attention to detail and their ability to accurately produce your requirements is nothing short of outstanding!

We’ve worked with them for the past 4 months on several projects from custom solutions to simple product transactions from their online store and we’ve had great success working with this business partner. We value this relationship, the high level of customer service and the extraordinary customer experience that’s provided – polite, courteous, professional, accommodating, easy to talk to and a great sense of urgency, their customers are also shown how much they’re valued!! We could go on and on!

Their comprehinsion of customer requirements is spot on – they get it!  The over all experience combine with great pricing – you can not find a better design team with this level of quality and understanding!”
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Dino Martin

Owner, HMM Athletics, LLC

My mentor helped me develop my skills as mentors do! Guarantee you, he will make you ten times better. The confidence from this is priceless. Invest in you!

These classes from ‘Advance Fashion Design CAD Course’ were amazing. Gave me a huge confidence boost dealing with vectors and getting my ideas across to manufacturers. I would recommend this course to anyone that is serious about learning this skill.

You will learn from this course by the first class guaranteed. The teacher is very patient. I just want to say thank you for developing my skill so that i’m now able to go to a new level.
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John Flowers

Fashion Designer, Krischenco