25 Best Scottish Plaids Seamless Patterns

This fashion set is inspired by all time favorites and all time in fashion Scottish Plaids. The main inspiration behind is to have a library as an important design resource on the go.  So you do not have to worry about creating detailed seamless patterns for Scottish plaids. 

Create Your Own. Custom Deals!

This is a simple and easy way to buy vectors from our website on discounted rates in form of a bundle. With time we have learned that an average customer keeps coming back after every 15 to 25 days time. We keep adding discount deals on your Deals section so the ones who need vectors in big quantity can get discounts.

Men Ringer Tank Vector Fashion Template

A simple template for Men Ringer Tank Top for sport and casual clothing. This template is created in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and available in following formats to be used on other vector tools as well.

5 Lumberjack Plaid Seamless Pattern

This is a newly created set of Lumberjack Plaids Seamless Patterns in 5 Classic Colours. These are Scottish Plaids and also often called as Buffalo Plaids

Men ‘Who’s the Surfer?’ Vector Fashion Set

This is a vector fashion set, inspired by the life of a Surfer. All that matters to them is Surfing! This fashion set is included with a new and original seamless print design vector pattern. This print is designed using few elements of island, beach, surfing and sailing. 

Women Sport Varsity Jacket Vector Apparel Template

A Varsity Jacket is originally known as American Baseball Jacket. This is a detailed vector illustration of the Varsity Jacket and very easily editable with a vector tool. This garment can be worn during sporting activities and for casual day wear as well.